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1000 Watt March Huge Success

July 23rd 2006 – Chad with Judy Shepard, the mother of slain gay student Matthew Shepard led Soulforce’s 1000 Watt March on Focus on the Family. The event was to protest Focus on the Family’s misuse of research to bash gays and their families. Chad spoke at a rally after the two-mile march from a local park. He invited people present from Focus on the Family to come down and meet the members of his family so they could see how normal they are. Chad and Judy presented representatives from Focus a photo album showing images of gay families who had participated in the march. More Info

Save Me Shooting Now!

July 13rd 2006 – We are very excited to announce that Save Me has finally begun shooting. Three staff members from Chad Allen Online recently spent an afternoon on the set. We got some great photos. Hopefully we’ll be able to post some of them soon. Shooting seems to be going extremely well. More updates soon.

ALC 2006 Making a Difference!

June  4th-10th 2006 – Chad is right now peddling his way from San Francisco to Los Angeles on a 7 day, 585 mile cycling event to support the Aids/Lifecycle Ride. For those of you who have followed the amazing success of the donation goal, we can now inform you that Team Lazzari managed to collect a whopping sum of $ 25.206.00!! Chad had to keep raising the goal since so many generous donations were streaming in from all over the world. This great amount became the 2nd highest donation in the whole ride and Chad was thrilled when he spoke of it earlier on the phone. A huge thank you to everybody who have supported Chad in this ride your thoughts and support will help him all the way to LA!

If any pictures or rapports are coming in from the road be sure to check Team Lazzari’s webpage for any news. You can also follow the ride on the: Experience AIDS/LifeCycle 2006 page, where there will be photos from the road and podcasts etc. There is also a possibility to send a message of support to the riders through this website.

Once again, amazing support everybody!! And let’s hope Chad has a fantastic ride that will last him a lifetime!

Rusty Dogs – Chad’s new short film

Click here to go to the Sea·Doo webpageMay 22nd, 2006 – Here’s the full story on Chad’s new short movie entitled Rusty Dogs.It’s a Sea Doo Production about ex-navy seals that thwart an international crime in this hard-core action flick. Chad plays the ‘Kid’ a newcomer to the team that is eager to fit in and impress Rusty (Eric Roberts). Chad got to do some awesome water stunts and the story is a never ending action thrill. Also starring is Philip Anthony Rodriguez and Jaimz Woolvett.

Visit our film section for crisp new screen captures from the movie, and also swing by the official Rusty Dog website here:

Be sure to watch the extra features as well as the hi-definition movie on their website…it’s a great water ride with loads of blasting action!!

Let’s hope there’s more of this in the future…

Strachey gets into new trouble…

May 2nd, 2006 – Chad has finished filming the sequel for Donald Strachey – Shock to the System in British Columbia, Canada. Here’s a synopsis of the second instalment in the Strachey saga:

Chad Allen Delivers Shock to the System
In the second instalment of the Donald Strachey Mystery series, our favorite gay detective is forced to go undercover inside an ex-gay therapy group when his newest client-the poster boy for this organization- winds up dead.

Joining the already stellar cast of “Shock to the System” is Morgan Fairchild who has previously appeared in such shows as “Falcon Crest” and “Friends.” Based on the popular novels by Richard Stevenson, The Donald Strachey Mysteries are a welcome addition to the here! Original family of programming. Chad Allen reprises his role as Strachey and Sebastian Spence returns as his loving partner, Timmy. This feature will air exclusively on here! late summer.
More on heretv:

17th GLAAD Awards and some updates

April 20th, 2006 – There are some photos added in the photo album from Chad’s appearance from the 17th GLAAD Awards in Los Angeles, this month. Chad Presented one of the awards together with A. Ant. There is also some news in the forum on Chad’s latest film, Elliot Loves that he is producing together with Funny Boy Films & Mythgarden. You can read more about the film here:

You can also find a new article from this month’s The Variety in the press section!

And on an final note, go and check out the Team Lazzari’s riders page and see what a wonderful amount people have so generously donated. The new goal is 20.000 dollars and we are well on our way!! Go and help Chad and the team reach their dream goal today!

End of the Spear DVD Release Date Announced

March 14th, 2006 – “End of the Spear” is the remarkable journey of a savage Amazon tribesman who becomes family to the son of a North American man he kills. Mincayani (Louie Leonardo) is a Waodani warrior who leads the raid that kills Steve Saint’s father and four other missionaries. Through a suspenseful series of events Steve Saint (Chase Ellison) is able to visit Mincayani tribe. Steve tries to learn which warriors killed his father, but has to leave with his question unanswered. Steve returns to the Waodani as an adult (Chad Allen). Together Mincayani and Steve confront the true meaning of the life and death of Steve’s father, and the other men who were killed.

We are very happy to announce that “End of the Spear” will be released on DVD on June 13th!

More gritty Crime for Chad

March 7th, 2006 Don’t miss Chad’s guest appearance in Criminal Minds on Wednesday the 8th of March (9pm). The episode is called “The Tribe”. The unit is investigating if the mass murders of five students could possible be linked to a cult. There is a episode synopsis clip up over at CBS for a short period of time, so go and check it out here.

More Goodies

February 17, 2006 – Head on over to the film section where we have now included a 5 page story written and photographed by Chad himself. It’s is a short travel log that tells a little about Chad’s experience in the panama jungle where he shot End of the Spear.

There is also a new interview from Genre Magazine in the press section, so get that coffee/tea or whatever you prefer to drink and get ready to do some reading!

Interviews with Chad

February 10, 2006 – We’ve added two clips to the press section this month. One is from Showbiz Tonight, where Chad is interviewed about being cast in EOS and Every Tribe Entertainment’s choice to stand by it’s casting choice.

view Showbiz Tonight video

The second interview is a in-depth look at Chad’s journey in making EOS and his passion to bring this story out to the public. It is also a great opportunity to hear Chad Speak about his early career, his family and what it was like to be outed at the young age of 22. The interview is done by Claude’s Place, a website with movie reviews and interviews with filmmakers and actors.

view Claude’s Place video

Chad and EOS in the media

January 18, 2006 – Chad’s new film End Of the Spear is premiering in theatres on January 20th and both the movie and Chad has stirred up some attention this month. Here are some interesting reads for you to catch up on. (They are also available from the EOS movie page).

Sovereignty, Suffering, and the Work of Missions
by Steve Saint

Interesting read about casting Chad from the director

Interviews With End of the Spear’s Real Inspirations
About – News & Issues – New York, NY, USA

The gay activist as Saint…and bridge builder?
World Magazine Blog – Chicago,IL,USA

Film recalls slain missionary
Miami Herald – FL,USA

Pop Focus for January 14, 2006
Henderson Gleaner – Henderson, KY ,USA

Much more on the End of the Spear page!

There are plenty of people who have decided to write about EOS in the discussion forum this month, so if you got a couple of minutes visit the forum and join the discussions…

Chad on Larry King Live

January 18, 2006 – Chad appeared on the Larry King Live show on January 17, 2006 – 21:00   ET on CNN. This is the second time Chad has been at the table talking about gay-marriage and standing up for what he believes is right in his heart – that everybody deserves to love whoever they may choose. Here are a few responses to Chad’s appearance and what a wonderful group of responses it is. I think this is the pure energy of love that Chad fights for when he decides to go on national TV and stand up and speak for the millions of people who shares his views in this world. Enjoy the read.
CAO Staff

Ps: Thanks to all the people who have taken the time to write to Chad and express their views. We will make sure Chad gets to read every one.

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