Strachey’s Back…

… and this time he’s got Margot Kidder!!

The next installment of the Donald Strachey Mystery Series,On the Other Hand Death, based on the novel by Richard Stevenson, will be released in theaters July 18th in LA with a limited wider release thereafter before airing on HereTV later this summer!

The third installment in the franchise once again stars Chad Allen as the gay private investigator and co-stars screen legend Margot Kidder (Superman). On the Other Hand, Death will be making its network debut on Friday, July 25th. It will also be available in select theaters starting July 18th.

The Donald Strachey Mysteries has been a groundbreaking franchise for here! Networks, in that the films feature an openly gay protagonist who breaks stereotypes by being the hero in these gritty crime dramas. Furthermore, in what is a rarity in mainstream entertainment, Strachey is involved in a healthy, functional, loving and monogamous relationship with another man, his husband, New York State Senate staffer Tim Callahan (Sebastian Spence).

Directed by Ron Oliver (Queer as Folk, here!’s Kiss Me Deadly: A Jacob Keane Assignment) and based on the book by Richard Stevenson, On the Other Hand, Death begins with Dorothy (Kidder) and Edith (Gabrielle Rose) sleeping in each other’s arms on the second floor of their long-time farmhouse. Downstairs, a shadowy figure breaks through the glass door. When Edith goes to investigate the noise, she discovers graffiti sprawled across the walls. The hateful message reads “DYKES GO HOME.”

After speaking with their neighbors, Donald discovers that Dorothy and Edith rejected a developer’s over-priced bid for their property. Everyone else in the neighborhood wanted desperately to sell their homes, and Edith would have sold as well, but Dorothy wanted to keep her home of nearly forty years rather than make money for corporate profit. Meanwhile, things start to get complicated when the sexy and charming Andrew, Tim’s ex-boyfriend and good friend of Dorothy, comes into the picture. Andrew makes a pass at Donald and challenges Donald’s loyalty to Tim. Andrew’s presence puts Donald and Tim’s commitment to their marriage to the test.

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