Where is you favorite place to disappear to?  Where do you go to recharge your batteries?

Costa Rica. Iím an ocean guy. I always feel like the ocean is what restores my soul quicker than anything else. I fantasize when things get stressful here that when Iím done, I will cash in, [clears his throat], and go live in a hut on the beach in Nicaragua or Costa Rica. Then I can raise my toe-headed little beach bum kids on the sand and teach them to surf.

What is under your bed right now?

I know about feng shui, though Iím not very good about it. I do know youíre not supposed to keep stuff under your bed. But I think there is still an old roll of Christmas wrapping that never got put away and is still under there.

Out of the many people you have worked with thus far, is there one in particular who stands out who impressed you orinspired you the most? 

A literature teacher in high school named James Cross. At a time when I really needed to hear it, he taught me more than anybody in my whole life. He told me that my own job was to go inside myself and find out what God had put there and bring it out at whatever cost.  And I learned that in a Catholic High School, which isnít a place youíd expect me to get it.

Any tattoos? Any piercings?

Four tattoos.  [He shows them, which includes one directly above his butt]. Iíve had my tongue pierced, my ears pierced all over the place, my eyebrow, my navel, and I have none of them now. They were fun for a little while and then theyíre not. The tattoos are important to me, as they are symbolic of specific periods of my life.

Name one of your bad habits.

Smoking, though I donít smoke all the time. Also, I donít cut my fingernails enough. They grow too fast, so Iím always gnawing and picking at them.

What are you most proud of?

My twin sister. Iím not sure why that popped into my head, but Iím proud of her. Iím proud of my whole family. Weíre all close now.

Tell me something your fans may not know about you

For better or worse, Iím a pretty open book. When Iím going on TV and they announce, ďChad Allen , actor and activist,Ē I sortía get annoyed with that because I donít understand what that means. Why am I an activist? Except to say that I answer truthfully when Iím asked a question. Other than that I donít feel  like Iíve done much more than anybody would do. I just donít live well not telling the truth, so I tell the truth. [He laughs.]

Complete this sentence.  The best thing about being famous is...

I guess access. Access to an audience, in a way, to people who want to listen what you have to say. A dear friend of mine and I were talking about what Iíve been walking through recently with the Christian Right. He felt a bit jealous because he doesnít have an access; no one really cares about what he has to say because he works in a tanning salon.  I take being famous as a responsibility. So I listen to what he has to say, and I realize that I become a mouthpiece for him and for so many people that wanna have access to a larger group who truly have something to say from their heart. I have that access.


Chad tags his favorite things.

Color: Green

Name: Jeremy [his boyfriend]

Clothing to wear: Flip-flops

TV sitcom: Square Pegs

Movie of all time: The Dead Poetís Society

Food: Momís spaghetti and meatballs

City: Seattle in the summer

Classic actor: James Dean

Contemporary actor: Ian McKellan

Classic actress: Myrna Loy

Contemporary actress: Heather Tom

Moment: When I realized that I could stay sober

Physical asset above the waist : My goofy grin

Physical asset below the waist: My knees

iPod artist: Lightnin' Hopkins


In a few words, Chad describes his experience with these people who have touched his life

Carroll OíConnor: Thank you

Jane Seymour: Mom

Helen Hunt: Sex [my first on-screen love scene. I was sixteen]

Jennifer Aniston: My screwed-up summer vacation  [referring to the film he made in 1990, Camp Cucamonga]. This is the kind of goofy child I was. I wanted to go to Catalina Island Marine Institute, where I could study oceanography for the summer and there was only a year that I was eligible to do it. I was all set to go and so excited then I got the damn movie. It was fun, but it wasnít my summer camp!

Wilfred Brimley: Two words come to mind for Wilfred: Grandpa and snow ski. Because we used to go to his ranch in Utah all the time in winter and snow ski.

Rosie OíDonnell: Gratitude. When I was outed, she called me at home and said, ĎThis is Rosie OíDonnell.í And I thought someone was playing a trick on me. She continued, ĎI saw The Globe, it happened to me, and I understand. Donít you worry, youíre gonna be just fine. Why donít you come on my show and we wonít talk about that? Weíll just talk about stuff.í And I thought that was so loving, and I was so grateful for that. It showed me the kind of role model I want to be.

Greg Louganis: My friend, a good friend. Heís my TeddyBear. Greg is a man with a beautiful heart. But those silly dogsÖ.[he laughs]

Bruce Vilanch: [He giggles] I get a big smile when I think of him. Not just because heís so damn funny, but because heís such a good friend. I love him so much. The first interview I did to out myself  was for The Advocate and I asked that Bruce be the writer, and he did it. I felt safe with him.

David Duchovny: The way out

Judith Light: My soul mate. Weíre family.

Robert Gant: Ah, my brother.

He names one word to describe himself: [In two beats he responds] Blessed

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