Chad's Farewell Video:

A Farewell Message from Webmaster Ken:

As many of you may know Chad's Facebook fan page recently was removed. This is what I posted to that page before it was closed:

As I sit down to write this post I have very mixed emotions. I almost am not sure how to say what I need to say. Chad and I have made the decision to remove this page the middle of next week. I wanted to give everyone the chance to wish Chad the best for his future and I will share your messages with him. 

As many of you may know Chad is currently pursuing a new career and while he loves you, his fans, the new chapter in his life would be made more difficult with such an official online presence. 

For now Chad Allen Online ( will remain open. It too will most likely go away late spring/early summer. I asked to keep it online that long because of the site's importance to my relationship with my future husband. We first met because he posted a message to the site back in April of 2002.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, on my behalf as well as Chad's for being the best fans ever. You have not only made this page fun to run the last few years (and Chad Allen Online for the last 17 years) but we have together raised a ton of money to help others in need. You guys and gals are amazing. Thank you. 

I also want to take the chance to say thanks to Chad. He means very much to me and makes a huge difference in my life. I have made friends all over the world in addition to my future husband. I got to see wonderful things, New York City twice, the Sundance Film Festival, I got to meet Judith Light, Robert Gant and the cast of Save Me on the set and at the World Premiere. And some day, I will still get to visit Disneyland with him! 

This isn't good bye but see you later because you never know what the future will bring.

With lots of love as always,


PS I would be very much remiss if I didn't mention a few individuals who I need to especially thank. First off Michael Krantz, when I first started this site he was the first person to sign up for our mailing list and has remained my friend and a fan for all these years; Jeff St. Louis, my bud, my helper, Jeff first served as a reporter for CAO covering a play Chad did many many years ago then joined the CAO staff for the meet and greet we did with Chad after a performance of Chad's play Temporary Help in New York City in 2002, since he has become my neighbor and technical adviser for the site; John McDonald for providing hosting for Chad Allen Online for the last many years; Annica Stromquist, who was my assistant webmaster for Chad Allen Online for many years in the early days, she has since moved on to bigger and better things but the site would not be nearly what is is today without her assistance; Emmie Busch, who has helped me run this page for the last few years as a moderator and contributor. Finally to my future husband Scott Bates, who has been a wonderful contributor to the site over the years helping with the fans that are looking for an ear when they need help.

I have decided that this page will close on June 7th. The weekend following Chad's birthday. It has been an amazing ride! Thank you.

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