Eric Whitlow

Actor Chad Allen, known for portraying Matthew Cooper on “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” has been cast in the role of Eric Whitlow for three episodes of “General Hospital: Night Shift,” it was announced by Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group. The SOAPnet series, which is the network’s most-watched of all time, follows the lives of doctors, nurses and patients as they embark on journeys of self discovery, love and heartache. Mr. Allen’s first appearance on air is TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 at 11:00 p.m., ET/PT on SOAPnet.

In storyline, Eric is introduced as a patient in need of a liver transplant. First-year resident Kyle Julian (Adam Grimes) will help Eric’s family find a suitable donor, while developing a relationship with him in the process.

“We’re delighted to have Chad join our show because, not only is he a remarkable actor, he’s also an amazing activist. For years I have been inspired by Chad and welcome the honesty and authenticity that he will bring to our show,” said head writer Sri Rao.

“General Hospital: Night Shift” is the successful primetime spin-off of ABC’s top daytime drama which recently celebrated its 45th anniversary and has won a record 10 Emmys for Outstanding Daytime Drama.

Episode 210 (“Brothers & Sisters”) – Leo and Kyle are caught off guard when their mother comes to town unannounced. Meanwhile, Claire confesses a secret, Patrick is stuck in an awkward situation with Epiphany and Toussaint, Kyle meets an intriguing patient (special guest star Chad Allen), and Robert comes to see Robin in a new light, on “General Hospital: Night Shift,” TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23(11:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m., ET/PT) on SOAPnet.  

“General Hospital: Night Shift” stars Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Jagger Cates, Tristan Rogers as Robert Scorpio, Kimberly McCullough as Dr. Robin Scorpio, Jason Thompson as Dr. Patrick Drake, Sonya Eddy as Epiphany Johnson, Billy Dee Williams as Touissant Dubois, Adam Grimes as Kyle, Carrie Southworth as Claire, Ethan Rains as Dr. Leo Julian and Azita Ghanizada as Dr. Saira Batra.

“Brothers & Sisters” was written by Sri Rao & Michael J. Cinquemani.

“General Hospital: Night Shift” is produced by ABC, with Lisa De Cazotte serving as executive producer and Sri Rao serving as head writer.