Downtown is the story of a diverse group of street kids living in New York City. Forgotten by society, they live far from the dreams and aspirations of the rest of the world.

The kids are looked after by Angelo (Joey Dedio, Bomb the System, Strays), a young Puerto Rican-Italian who has suffered his share of ups and downs. Angelo finds solace in helping the lost teens he collects off the street. His ideals often clash with those of Aimee Levesque (Genevieve Bujold, Coma, The House of Yes), the woman who runs the local shelter called Haven House. Together, they embrace this modern-day family of damaged and homeless castaways.

There's Maria, the girl who loves Angelo but keeps crawling back to Hunter (Chad Allen, Paris, Getting Out), a heroine dealer who's about to hit rock bottom and is bringing Maria down with him. There's Cheri (Domenica Cameron-Scorsese) and Billy, a teenage couple with no money and no prospects, but a baby on the way. And then there's Ashley, a stripper, and Raquel, a hooker, both misguided young women who keep making the same mistakes over and over. And that's only the beginning.

The characters and situations of Downtown capture all the pain and challenges of life in the city, as well as the rewards of hope, friendship, family and salvation. Even a brief glimpse into the lives of these people is a privileged glance at the triumph of the human spirit.

Every city has its downtown and every downtown has its street tale.


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The characters and situations of Downtown capture all the pain and challenges of life in the city, as well as the rewards of hope, friendship, family, and salvation. Even a brief glimpse into the lives of these people is a privileged glance at the triumph of the human spirit. Every city has its downtown and every downtown has its street tale.

Joey Dedio, writer, producer, and the lead role of Downtown: A Street Tale.

What inspired you to write this story?
I just know a bunch of kids that, you know, I volunteered at a lot of different youth shelters and stuff like that and I just thought it was a really interesting story that needed to be told. The film is also benefiting Covenant House, which is going to be supporting the film. The film is going to open in all of the cities that Covenant Houses are, 26 cities in the United States. So we're doing a combined effort of releasing Downtown in those cities.

How excited are you that this movie has been getting great reviews?
Very excited. It's a very heartwarming and touching story.

Tell me a little about your character in Downtown: A Street Tale.
I play this kid named Angelo who is the leader of the group and he is really like the voice of the street so he tries to be the ring leader and takes these kids off the streets and what he does, he seeks shelter at a place called The Haven House which is run by Genevieve Bujold. He's the voice of the streets and she's the voice of the books and it's really the story of two worlds coming together to make a difference. So that's my character. He's the ring leader of the group.

Tell me a little about the cast that you worked with?
We worked with four Academy Award nominee actors and actresses, Genevieve Bujold, John Savage, Burt Young, and Micheal Right. And the kids are all just amazing, Domenica Scorsese, Chad Allen, all kids on the brink of really hitting it big and that's what we also wanted to do in the casting of the film, we brought the worlds of old Hollywood together with new Hollywood. Which is really the whole central theme of the entire film, that's what we've done in Downtown.

Are there any projects that you're working on now?
Yes, I have a three picture deal and I have three projects going: Lenny & Jill, Cash Out, and Citation of Merit. All because of Downtown.

Domenica Scorsese, daughter of actor Martin Scorsese prepares to make it big!

Tell me a little about your experience in the movie?
It was a wonderful and wild ride. I fell in love with this project and Joey fought to get it made with the group of people that he felt kind of brought it all to life so it's a huge undertaking and I'm really proud of the way it turned out. It felt like it was something that was very necessary for him to make.

Do you feel like when you start in this business, one thing just keeps leading to another?
Absolutely. I mean I started going out on auditions professionally when I was 11 years old. The road for me is that there was always writing tucked away in the background but that acting was the thing that I followed. That lead me to film school, which lead me into the independent film world as an actor, where I realized that if I wanted to play the parts I'd like to play, if I wanted to use my energy and kind of affect more change and say things that I really felt were important that I needed to put out my own scripts and start to shape things. That might not necessarily mean I'll be a triple threat in each and every project but as my mom likes to say "Work begets work."

On that note, what's next for you?
Currently one of the scripts that I wrote, a novel I adapted, it got optioned by another film company and I'm attached to direct it. I'm trying to get a short off the ground so I kind of have a little more experience at the helm. I've also been hired on to do another adaptation for something else, and I'm optioning a third thing to try to bring it along. I don't want to jinx anything but we'll see what happens along the way.

Stu James, this talented singer temporary left Broadway for the silver screen.

Tell me a little about your character.
The character that I play, he's a street musician. He's up in Harlem with one of his buddies and they're hanging out, good boys trying to make money singing. The character of Raquel wants to tease and play with these characters. I don't want to spill too much, but she sweeps them away in a private location to play and I'll leave that alone, the rest is in the film.

How long did filming take?
I shot for 48 hours. One day in Uptown Harlem, the weather was kind of cold, the camera right there and just pretty much committing and a lot of improve. There was a script but they gave us a lot of freedom and flexibility to play with the character and create. The other setting took place at a hotel, that's the little risqué part, I suppose. When you see this film I think that you'll realize, with mostly kids that are out there on the street and may think they don't have an option, is that there's hope and that if they are focused on getting something done then they can achieve it, period.

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